About Me

I tend only to write about things that disillusion or upset me, which is a shame, but 2016 was great for that. I think about the future a truly depressing amount and take great pleasure in organising stuff.



Like everyone in Silicon Valley, I believe capitalism is the most potent force for good in the world... but that it fails on a number of core counts. These failings are what economists might call "market failures". I'm one of three co-founders, and the CEO, at Hash Intelligence, a graph-data company working to combine traditionally boring web analytics with all kinds of other insights to solve a range of these market-failures.

IAAC Access

In Autumn 2016 I was appointed by Lieutenant General Sir Edmund Burton to chair the Information Assurance Advisory Council's Access Programme. We host infosec events with brilliant people, and have an awesome network of seriously impressive members (a mix of Lords, Ladies, and twenty-somethings with criminal records). If you work in the UK infosec community and are interested in finding out more, please check out the IAAC site.


Soho Strategy

Prior to HASH, I founded and ran Soho Strategy, a London-based digital agency that's still running strong without me.

Things I'm Thinking About

Universal Basic Income

Economic insecurity is an existential anxiety for many people. It is inhuman to subject anyone to poverty, or to suggest that anybody is too lazy, too stupid, or so without value that they do not deserve a basic standard of life. People generally want to feel valuable, as well, and Marxist alienation left unchecked manifests itself in the form of dangerous, anti-science, anti-progressive populism.

Future Governance Models

FGM that everybody can get behind. We all live in nation-states, for now. But collective active problems go unsolved, and the environments we live in are quite literally collapsing. Boundaries between units will forever exist, but will they be 'borders'?

Guardians of The Guardians

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Cos it sure ain't the Coast Guard. Potentially world-ending concentrations of power worry me. Wholly unaccountable powers and agencies above normal law worry me. Benevolent intent is still subject to bounded rationality.


Where does Season 8 go from here? Oh my God.